Birthday Party Magic Shows

Elements in every magic show:

  • Your Birthday Child is the STAR of the magic show
  • Non-stop comedy, laughs, and giggles
  • Puppet Characters
  • Juggling
  • A special closing trick the Birthday Child performs
  • Combine a Magic Show with a Workshop or Balloon Sculpture

Children Ages 6-9

For children in this age group, magic shows are available as 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. 45 minutes is the standard. Shows can even be tailored to include your child’s interests or hobbies.

Children Ages 3-5

Pre School Magic Show

Preschool Magic Party

For children in this age group, a 30 minute magic show is highly recommended due to their attention span.  Shows for this age group include a lot of audience participation, laughing and helping the magician.

Children Ages 10 and up

For children ages 10 and up, a 45 minute show is available which is suitable to their ages, but still presented with a comic flair.

Another suggestion is presenting a workshop. For more information, click on the following link: Workshops